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Summer Wildfires

Wild fires in Spain Aug 2023

A wildfire broke out Wednesday due to hot and dry conditions in Tenerife, Canary Islands, #Spain leading to the evacuations of nearly 4,500 people and the loss of over 6,425 acres of land so far. Authorities have warned the public that due to the continuation of weather conditions, the fire could spread leading to more evacuations, and confinement, with over 3,820 already on a stay-at-home order by Chief Montse Roman.


Wildfires in Maui, Hawaii 

At least 36 are dead as the wildfires devastate Maui destroying buildings, overwhelming hospitals, and displacing thousands. President Biden has approved an emergency declaration for Hawaii, along with the order of federal aid to supplement state and local recovery efforts in the areas affected. The last time the area was affected like this was in 2018 when a quick-moving fire ignited over 2,330 acres leaving over 4K without power.


Wildfires and Storms in Italy

The heat wave in Europe has not only exceeded temperatures greater than 48°C (118°F) but now Greece has been forced to start evacuations due to forest fires. With severe heat and strong winds moving into Rhodes Greece, 19,000 people were told to evacuate over the weekend with another 2,500 from Corfu, making this the biggest evacuation in Greek history. As the fires reached the coastal resorts on the South-east side, motorways, and resorts have been shut down as the flames continue to move up the hills into the summer resort towns. In hopes for a better outcome, Türkiye has graciously stepped up by sending over two firefighting planes and one helicopter to assist us in the fight against the forest fires, with Greece's prime minister Kyriakos Mitotakis publically thanking Turkiye for their assistance.


Spain continued...

17 aircraft and 350 firefighters and military personnel have been dispatched, along with additional water bombing aircraft from the mainland to aid in fire rescue, in hopes of extinguishing as much of the fires as possible. All access to the mountains on the island, including the tourist-favorite ''Mount Teide'' and ''the Teide Astrophysics Institute'' have been closed off to prevent any incidents, however, Tenerife's two airports are operating normally.


Maui wildfires continue, August 2023.......

The fires started Tuesday spreading through neighborhoods, jumping highways, and destroying homes and businesses. 11,000 residents have been without power since 11 pm Wednesday, with over 2,100 in shelters. Local officials are asking visitors to leave as soon as possible with the help of Alaska, Delta, and American Airlines as they begin to send in larger aircraft to fly out more passengers.


Italy continues, july 25, 2023.......

Five were killed during a deadly storm in Lombardy on Jand Veneto, Italy where trees were uprooted, rooves were lifted, streets were flooded, and even a tornado was observed. However in Sicily where temperatures have exceeded 47.5C (117F) wildfires began to breakout-causing evacuations to several resorts and tourist hotspots around the island. Palermo Airport was temporarily closed this morning after the fires reached the hills around the airport's perimeter where a firefighter was injured in the process of tackling the blaze. More than 200 people have sought medical attention for smoke inhalation

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