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Remnants of Hurricane Nicholas


Photo taken by: Brooke Testerman

At 10 pm on 9/14/21 traveling at 10mph with winds exceeding 75mph, Hurricane Nicholas intensified within hours just before making landfall along the Texas Coast.

Residents like Brooke Testerman got a sign of the severe weather to come before Hurricane  Nicholas hit as Mammatus clouds formed in Victoria, TX late Tuesday evening. 

Shortly after, waters began to rise in Matagorda, TX as the storm made landfall flooding homes and trapping residents inside.

Author:  Janice Davila


Many homes in Matagorda, Lake Jackson, and Surfside Beach, TX were reported with significant damage, including collapsed walls, ripped-off roofs, and blown-in windows. One home on Surfside Beach completely collapsed amongst the high winds leaving nothing but a pile of debris.

Along with the 6-10inches of water from the storm surge, Corpus Christi got an additional 3.14in of rain from Hurricane Nicholas. Houston also received 2-4inches of storm surge, and 3.19inches of rain, along with extreme winds that not only damaged trees but threatened the family home. Resident Christopher  Schmidt is one to agree that during what was now tropical storm Nicholas, gave way to one of the trees in his front yard which collapsed inside his home on 9/14/21.

Photo taken by: Britney Doyal


Photo taken by: Christopher Schmidt


Photo taken by: Buddy Broussard

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