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A Bit About Me

I am a dedicated mother of two, a military wife, and a veteran of the USAF. I've had a passion for weather since the third grade when my teacher first brought out the rain gauges and gave us each a turn to measure the precipitation. Although I did not pursue college until my kids were in elementary, my family was extremely supportive and stood behind my decision to become a Meteorologist.


When I'm not looking over the weather Overseas,  or keeping an eye on the tropics, I enjoy playing video games with my friends, watching Disney movies with my kids, and traveling. 

Some unique things about me that could get a conversation going... I'm a huge fan of Halloween. If it was all year round, I would be ok with that. When I was in High School I volunteered for several years as an actor for a farm scaring people, and before college, I worked for SixFlags during Fright Fest. My cats are named after Batman Characters, my favorite movie is Ghostbusters, and I can quote movies for hours if you let me. 


Stay Informed

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